It’s true.

It’s true.

A girl I went to school with, K-12, bumped into me at the mall about a year ago, while shopping with her girlfriend.
She talked to me for a few minutes and then her girlfriend said, “Let’s go!”
So she did.
She friended me on Facebook and asked me questions about what I was doing and the script I was working on, which at that time was a teen lesbian comedy.
And after reading that message, didn’t respond, and unfriended me.
I thought maybe she assumed I just said because I knew she was a lesbian, but that’s really what it was about.

Haven’t seen or talked to her since.
Yesterday she sent me a friend request.

Her and her girlfriend broke up.

Today she asked for my number.

I thought she was hilarious in school.
We were friends.

But I wasn’t trying to date her last year and now I’m afraid of her.

Good goin’, girl.

When someone tells me they’re “not political”



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Sexual preference [x]

oo cool!! my bisexuality video

A rocket fired from Gaza hit a synagogue in the Israeli city of Ashdod on Friday, wounding three people, police said.

"There is damage at the scene and a number of people were injured by shrapnel," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. The attack came shortly before evening prayers ahead of the Jewish Sabbath. Ashdod is around 20 miles from Gaza.

Hamas and other militant groups fired more than two dozen rockets into Israel on Friday, injuring two other people, with no signs of a let up in the six-week war.

Israel carried out 25 air strikes on Gaza, killing four people, Gaza health officials said.

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