#HeyUSA everyone.

Also yes



#HeyUSA everyone.

Also yes

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A belief in personal freedom runs contrary to being a lesbian?

No, actually it doesn’t.

I got off a dating site because of this the other day, but it still bothers me because I don’t understand why anyone would take time out of their day to do this…

I had a lesbian message me and tell me she hoped my Objectivist values were “Sarcasm” and that “No lesbian could respect them.”

Ayn Rand said the government didn’t have the right to impose specifc laws on homosexuals long before it was cool to say that.

Objectivism would get the government out of marriage and then gay people would surely be free to marry.

Why is it people who are often judged are so quick to judge others they don’t understand?
Can they not see their own hypocrisy?

Why does ignorance always seem to bring about judgement and cruelty?

New Bloomberg Anti-Gun Ad Inadvertently Proves Why Women Need a Gun

She’d have shot him the minute he broke down the door and got near her kid.

Criminals will always get their hands on guns.
They don’t care about gun laws because they don’t care about laws at all.

Law abiding citizens should be allowed to protect themselves.

Women have every right to protect themselves against violence of any kind.

Stand up for your rights.

Stand up for the rights of women.

Stand up for the 2nd amendment.

Don’t say you need me when
You leave and you leave again

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Got drug tested and I couldn’t pee.

Haven’t taken an illegal drug ever and haven’t taken a sip of alcohol since I was like 12…and I couldn’t pee.

The lady testing me was yelling at me.
"We have to get all of it in four minutes or it goes cold and we can’t use it!"

I was like, “I might need four minutes to start peeing!”

I think I strained my hamstrings trying to pee in cup, which is…ridiculous.